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With experience of over fifteen years in working with research agencies and their clients, we understand the nature of communicating your message on film. We understand your business, and we work with you to deliver the right story - on time, and on budget. We can handle every part of the video side of your project, from capture all the way through to final delivery.

We take pride in our strong history as film-makers. We’ve not only helped clients win awards, but have taken some home from leading film festivals. We’re excited about the valuable insight ethnographic documentary brings to the rapidly changing cultural landscape, and how we can help agencies and brands take advantage of that.

We’re committed to high production values and professionalism. We film qual research in its myriad forms: group and depth interviews, vox pops and intercepts in the street. We also work with third party filmed interviews such as client video diaries, and we’re currently developing a platform to help brands and agencies take advantage of the growing trend for collecting auto-ethnography via smartphones.

We are strong editors, and our understanding of research means that we can analyze what needs to stay and what should go. It’s this understanding of your business that gives us a unique edge over other corporate filmmakers – we know the buttons to push to help collect further insights while filming.

Our animation and motion graphic output is all undertaken in house, adding enormous value to even the most basic of films – and also allowing us to incorporate some of the quant data into a qual research story.

At Rare Prominence we’ve not only got the a proven background in creative filmmaking and storytelling, but also the understanding of your business – this combination gives us a unique skillset in helping brands and agencies discover and tell the stories they want to communicate.

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We have offices in London and Brighton.